Pinecone flowers . Make them in  all colors or natural.  You can add a stem and display in a vase or great on a mantle with pine or add to tree for decoration. One pincone med size can make two flowers maybe 3.The bigger the pinecone the bigger the flower petals and more flowers can be made. 
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Pinecones fire starters
Wax (you can re-use your old candle pieces)Sawdust 
Instructions:Melt wax in double boiler , not directly on stove as heated wax can ignite.
To add colour when burning use:
table salt (burns yellow)  no-salt substitute (burns violet)
Borax (burns green)
Dip pinecones in wax to coat and then dip in a mixture of sawdust and  one of the above items (depending on burning colour desired).
Put them in a  basket & decorate with ribbons  greenery & small xmas balls.
All year round Real rice Paper flower decorations for every occassion,xmas or any theme or party all year round from 4" to 23" giant flowers  w/ pictures..Each flower is handmade and painted using rice paper. Party flowers  for every occassion in any colors imaginable..Party packs w discounts and prices   click here..
                                                     PINECONxmas  tree
Ideas and  Pinecone recipes for the holidays with pictures to view and paper flowers too
Cornstarch Clay Ornaments  Make your own
Mix two cups of baking soda and one cup of cornstarch. Add 1-1/4 cups of water. Heat on the stove, stirring constantly for about five minutes until it looks and feels like mashed potatoes. Remove from heat, cover with a tight lid and refrigerate for about 45 minutes. Knead clay to make it easy to work with. Roll out to 1/4". Use Christmas cookie cutters to cut out the shapes. Make a small hole at the top of each with a toothpick. Let dry on a cake rack for 24 hours. Paint and decorate
Start collecting your pinecones ,beads & pine branches & floral
Minature battery operated lights for tree  click  here
If you need pinecones minature here  and here 
Make a pinecone tree or other types from 1 ft to 2 ft or bigger for your holiday decor
The instructions to make the pinecone trees Presents & pinecone flowers with 1 free mold included to duplicate & Instructions for free standing hollow tree and you can insert lights.No styrofoam needed.You will need  spray paint for your tree color or leave it natural, minature ornaments xmas realistic  pine greenery and  minature xmas balls & hot glue for your trees....Instructions include everything below and making your base & presents for under the tree..Its easy  about 5 hrs to do..just take your time and very rewarding. Give as a gift to a special friend or person.
All pinecones should have flat bottoms and similiar in size.Email with any questions 10.00 for instructions and 1 mold to duplicate Add email info below and submit
Minature ornaments here
pinecone ideas with pictures click here
Pinecone scent recipes click here
All holiday paper blooms click here
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